Our Story

At Octopus Promotions we know you are the kind of people who want to stand out among your competitors. In order to do that, your marketing and branding have to be excellent. The problem is you cannot wear a hundred hats at a time, spending time on figuring out what works, while you have to focus on your business. This makes you feel like the effort that you put is not converting into more sales or more following, and money you put into marketing is vanishing. We believe that nobody should spread thin and cover all angles on their own. We understand how hard it may be to stay ahead of your competitors. That’s why we build sustainable strategies that help you be noticed and spoken about.

Here’s how it works:

Step one: we analyze your needs and your niche.

Step two: we build a strategy and a presentation of promo marketing ideas.

Step three: we prepare your branded merchandise in no time and deliver it to your door.

Call us now so you can stop being invisible and start being the most recognized brand in your industry.

We have come from everywhere, a collective of fine, young Creatives working together to dream up the biggest, most imaginative branding ideas for your organization. Ideas that properly position you to draw the attention of onlookers.  Ideas that will help you to build a certain sense of camaraderie amongst your team members. And we have something to prove.

We have extensive knowledge in the world of screen printing, embroidery and fresh promotional product ideas. Let us find the perfect idea and gift for your next event.  We are a team of professional hard working individuals, that pride themselves in making every product look amazing so that your BRAND pops out.  We look forward to helping you with your next Big Idea!